Website Hosting & Optimization

Website Hosting Coverage

  • 24/7 Access & Update - We provide around the clock access. No downtime unless scheduled.
  • Web Space - We have unlimited storage for your files.
  • Monthly Traffic Analysis - We analyze traffic to and fro your Site to improve accessbility.
  • Hits Per Month - Your Website traffic increases.
  • Email Accounts - Unlimited Email Accounts.
  • FTP Accounts & Access - Access to secure FTP Servers
  • 404 Page Redirects - We fix all 404 errors.
  • Database Backup & Recovery - Full Backup and Recovery of your Website.
Website Design and Optimization

Web Space Utilization and Uptime

Our Web servers are up and running 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Let us host your Website or Blog so we can add 24 Hours Uptime, persistent connections, and uninterruptible access for your customers. We have one of the best-performing Servers in the industry. We can host clients with unique configurations with our top of the line tools and frameworks. You will have peace of mind knowing that your customers will not get booted out while accessing your products or services. We guarantee 99.9% uptime which tops the industry standard.

Monthly Traffic Analysis

We turn insights into actions with the implementation of Analytics solutions. When you host your Website with us, we will help you get quality search results from visitors searching for your type of business. Analytics helps us to understand and work effectively with both small and mid-level business locally and across town. We have done thorough analytics research and found various ways to improve search visibility through strong background quality links. Our methods have proven itself over time as more businesses we've acquired have shown up and ranked as one of the best. Our overall customer experience has been transformed into rapid growth and productivity. We can help you get there today.

Website Design and Optimization

404 Web Page Redirects

Our method for handling 404 Web page redirect is different. We access and validate all of the pages that should be active on your website then get to work on improving the performance for the active pages as well as redirecting the old ones. Errors such as 404 Web page denial of service can ruin your Web pages and make them not accessible in the future. Have you ever wondered why web pages show up today but disappear after a few days or even weeks? This happens all the time and might not be noticeable for months if not checked. That's where we come in. At CJBays, we specialize in handling this type of issues and our turnaround time on this type of events are usually on point. We have the tools necessary to detect, fix, and eradicate its reoccurrence. Our fixes are permanent and you will notice improvement right away.