Our Process is based on these IDEOLOGIES


We are devoted to every project that we undertake from beginning to its completion. Our commitment is not merely about the devotion and dedication that we put on every project, it is based on the fruitfulness and liability we carry on until close. CJBays is committed to building BRANDS that is unique for each client as each client’s brand sets them apart from other competing businesses.


We are accountable for every scope and program that we implement and will support its long-term success. We assume responsibility for your products and or services from its inception to its major growth. We promise to deliver an excellent, well-tested platform that will enhance your business’ success now and well into the hereafter. Every update to the platform will be coordinated.


Hard work is not simply about the number of hours you put in but the quality and outcome. We let quality and conscientious drive us and we devote the number of hours it takes to get it done and we always do it right.


Our performance is based on how far we go not how fast. The quality of work we produce is measured in how we perform in every task and we let our quality of work tell our story. We can help you tell your own story to future customers through an online presence. Brick and mortar stores are vanishing every day as a result of the online giant retailers and they're leaving no stones unturned as they strategize on the next move. Let your story be different.


During the initial encounter, we will sit with you to find out what your needs are and what challenges you're currently facing. We will then come up with a process that is singular to your particular case, establish a plan, and set a timeline that will meet your estimated deadline. We will be 100% committed to your project and will turn your goals into a success story. Your ideas will be turned into reality as we work with you to initiate, build, customize, and design based on your imagination.


Once we establish and estimate the cost of your project, we will go to work and start creating your ideal design and structure. During the design phase, we will go and identify colors, layouts, themes, and other design areas that you might like to change. We will then make those modifications before the final draft. The final draft with all of the changes will be presented to you for approval before moving your project online where your clients will see it. Our pricing is within our clients' budget and we are upfront with our estimate. There won't be any sudden price changes and we will always let you know if there are modifications.